EP. 6 Masculinity. Caitlin Bassett pt.1

This is part 1 of my discussion with Caitlin Bassett, a fellow philosopher and deep thinker with whom I am always better able to explore the depths of important issues.

In this episode, we focus on Masculinity. The nature of testosterone, the nature of masculinity, and how the idea of Toxic Masculinity shapes the narrative.

Episode 4 – heritage, legislating morality, vietnam.

Today we were going to be talking with my Grandfather (Malcolm Dickerson), he is in his 80s now. He was a burn doctor during the Vietnam war, and he has had a long career as a doctor. In my world, he is a crazy eccentric genius type, a very deep thinker, he has a lot of interesting things to say. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 3 – My sister, Healthcare, end of life, Socialism & Capitalism, big gov

In this episode, I talk with my sister, Darrah Dickerson, about her role as a nurse, and the topics of healthcare, end of life, socialism and capitalism, and big government

Episode 2 – White Privilege

Welcome to episode 2 of the Longview. This is a very deep and technical look at the ideological construction of the argument of white privilege, the issue of widespread racism, factors of minority and majority socialization, and what we can do to make the world a better place in the face of deeply difficult issues like this.